Monday, February 9, 2009

Rock and Roll Heaven

"Jimi (Hendrix) gave us rainbows. Janis (Joplin) took a piece of our hearts. Otis (Redding) took us all to the dock of the bay. Sing a song to light my fire... Remember Jim (Morrison) that way.
Jimmy (Croce) touched us with that song and Bobby (Darin) gave us 'Mack the Knife'“It’s a classic song, but why no mention of Buddy Holly? Do you think the Righteous Brothers figured they already had a song?
What a hell of a theory … I’d like to think when (if) I make it to heaven I’ll finally be able to see the Beatles play live. That is, if Paul and Ringo beat me to the Pearly Gates.
Have you ever read Stephen King’s take on the song? It’s a short story called “You Know They Got a Hell of a Band. “ It’s about couple on a road trip in Oregon, they accidentally stumble into a small town (called Rock and Roll Heaven) inhabited by late musicians.
The town cop is Otis Redding, the mayor Elvis Presley (who else?).
Along with those immortalized in the Righteous Bros song, the couple runs into Ricky Nelson, Keith Moon, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Cass Elliott, Stevie Ray Vaughan – I can’t remember them all. . And the climax has the ultimate outdoor concert. Get out the lighters!! (Note: the story came out before cell phone lights were used at concerts.)
Sure, it’s got the morbid twists King is famous for (imagine Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison terrorizing the lost couple) but it’s still a great escape from reality.

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  1. On my trip to New York last winter we visited the site of Lenon's murder, and also took a stroll to the nearby park where there is this "Imagine" tribute to him. In a city of such vice and chaos this was truly a serene place. There is definitely an intangible energy about that entire area.