Friday, February 6, 2009


“A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.”
Well, here it comes, another Valentine's Day where we are inundated with ways to spend money we don't have; and to share sentiments we could probably do just as effectively with a little creativity.
Think about it - would you prefer a store bought card or something handmade? A dinner out, or a romantic evening at home with candles and with someone who cares enough to make supper and surprise you?
And then there are roses, the meaning of each colour, do guys really know what they're saying with these flowers?

Red - The lover's rose a symbol of love and passion.(Often given by guys who are too afraid to say the "L" word)
White - Represents young love and affection. So why don't more men give white roses? Maybe their aversion to PDA? Or because it also says "I am worthy of you."
Yellow - Friendship, joy and caring - my favourite rose, it says "I care". It's also so bright on these dingy winter days.
Pink - Deep pink = gratitude and appreciation while paler pink means admiration and happiness.
Orange - Enthusiasm and eagerness, you can probably picture the person that would send this colour rose. I'd like to think it means adventure and great things to come.
Peach - SUCCESS!! When someone has achieved something great - a peach rose is fitting. Remember that on graduation day.
Green - Fertility and fruitfulness - so beware if someone sends you green roses without warning.
Blue - Means mystery, the impossible or unattainable. (SPOILER ALERT) Makes sense since there a no real blue roses, they are created by dyeing white roses.
Black - It's too bad this flower has such a ominous meaning - death, sadness and farewell because it really is a beautiful flower. For the optimist a black rose can also mean the beginning of new things and a journey into unexplored territory.
Purple - Want to rock her socks off? Send a purple rose the true colour of passion, it's tied to enchantment and desire, and giving a purple rose sends the message of love at first sight.
That's it, I'm adding a purple rose to my Bucket List.
But that's another story altogether.


  1. And why are people encouraged only to be romantic and express their love on only one day, what about the other 364.
    Your blog is bookmarked. A yellow rose to you my friend on this non Valentines Day!

  2. What a great post....I didn't even know there were orange or purple roses. I always get pale pink ones, but only because that is my favourite colour.. I think I used that as a topic for something this year...."pink roses." But maybe I'll ask for orange next time. They sound exciting.

    It's funny that you see yellow roses in a lot of weddings, yet they mean friendship. I wonder if these meanings help with the sale of roses at all. It would definitely be an interesting angle to take when trying to help a man decide which colour roses to buy for his lady.