Monday, February 23, 2009

Worst Oscar Moment

I just have two questions about the 2009 Academy Awards.

First and foremost, WHERE WAS JACK NICHOLSON? He always sits in the front row. Was it because his Joker portrayal has been overshadowed by a more compelling depiction or was it sour grapes for not getting a lifetime achievement award? Whatever the reason, it isn’t the same without him. Come back Jack.

Question #2 – Queen Latifah … what the hell were they thinking??! I’m so glad EW included Latifah singing during the In Memoriam montage as one of the “top Worst Oscar Moments.”
I always look forward to this part of the show, a chance to honour the lives of people we grew up with. This year, I’m still shaking my head (and not just because of the whiplash I received trying to read the minute lettering and awkwardly placed screens).
Nearly three hours into the show, they finally decide to flash names and faces across the screen which you could barely see. As I sat through that dizzying excuse for a tribute, I couldn’t tell you who the first woman was (Cyd Charise maybe?), her achievements were overshadowed by Queen Latifah belting out a song, were they serious?
Now I’m pretty sure I saw Ricardo Montalban out of the corner of my eye. Roy Scheider, James Whitmore, Sydney Pollack even Charlton Heston deserved more. And where was Eartha Kitt, Patrick McGoohan, Robert Prosky and George Carlin (over 15 movies and he still doesn’t rate a mention?
The only one that received any respect was Paul Newman. A tribute well deserved.
When it was done, I honestly thought they were joking. Okay, so when do they start the real one? (Sorry, that was a third question.)
If anyone finds a better tribute on YouTube PLEASE let me know. Shame on you Academy!

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  1. Linda,
    I am going to have to agree with you on the tribute part of this years Academy Awards, it was shameful. Normally, My favorite part of the Awards is the tributes and it was terrible this year - My PVR didn't record them so I took the time to youtube it and watch it - and I was very disappointed. I even thought it was a joke - and maybe that was the tribute from the peoples choice awards (considering queen latifa) so I searched more to see if I could find another was terrible - I am angry - I think I spent more time looking for it then the academy spent putting it together. Thank you for saying something about this, it is shameful - hopefully next year will be a little more respectful...