Saturday, April 18, 2009

People that make a difference

This is a short blog, but I just had to write it before I get "too busy". Over the past weeks I've been marking assignments from all my students, and one assignment that's taken the longest was for social media. Each student had to make a blog and update it regularly. Over the past months I have learned so much from each of these people, who under the guise of a blog, let their true selves come through, knowing their was a safety net of trust. I will probably at one time or another talk about many of their blogs, but there's one I just keep going back to. My student, my friend, Kymmer wrote her blog on being confused about being confused. And although she was addressing fellow students that are in the same boat as her, ready to embark on their careers, I found her postings inspirational. My doubts, and worries, about the future and life .. they are not just me - or my generation but they're everywhere. And you know what that's okay... Just as long as you keep your focus on the positive. Kymmer - please don't stop writing your blog. You've made a difference. Here's one video added to here blog, that I've seen before, but when you are confused about life in general - it's good to watch again.

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